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October 13, 2016 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Do you like shopping?
Maybe a bit too much?
Do you have debt, buy items on credit card, steal, lie or simply cannot stop buying stuff you don’t need and will not use?
This webinar is designed to help you to understand: your impulsive shopping habits, the role impulsivity plays in maintaining this destructive habit and how to make changes in your life to control it better.
You shopping habit is out of control if you:
Shop to feel better
Use credit cards to buy stuff impulsively
Have a personal debt because of your shopping habits
Have arguments with your parents or partner because you cannot control your spending habits
You spend money you don’t have
You don’t have savings
You keep on borrowing money and can’t keep up
If this sounds like you, you will benefit from learning how to manage your impulsive behaviour and control your overspending. Learn how to satisfy your emotions in a way that does not lead to bankruptcy.
Some researchers believe that impulsive shopping is an addictive behaviour, similar to overeating, alcoholism or gambling. An inability to resist the temptation or urge to shop, a lack of planning before major purchases, buying on impulse or shopping when bored, stressed, anxious and depressed have ruined many people’s lives. If underlying issues are not addressed people can develop such a dependency on ‘retail therapy’ that it leads them to hide, borrow and steal in order to feed their addiction.
Impulsive shoppers usually regret their frequent purchases because the relief or satisfaction they get from purchasing is short-lived. People who are unable to control their impulsive behaviour often experience shame or low self-esteem and the feeling they are simply not in control of their lives. It is essential for people to recognise and address the issue of controlling impulsive behaviour. Your ability to control your behaviour is strongly related to your wellbeing and life satisfaction.
For more information on how to get help to manage your out of control impulsive behaviour visit


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