28 For Twenty Eight

New South Wales

28 for TWENTY EIGHT is a Mental Health Month initiative in October 2020, encouraging Australians to take ten minutes to meditate each day, for 28 consecutive days. Guided meditations will be available online via Facebook to promote this year's theme of 'Tune In', so participants can take part anywhere, anytime. In addition to providing free […]

Loop the Lake with Lifeline Northern Beaches

New South Wales

Mental Health Month is a reminder for us all to tune in to how we regulate our emotions and look after ourselves. There is strong evidence to support the benefits of exercise as an effective self-care and soothing tool which is why we're inviting you to join Lifeline Northern Beaches on a wellness walk on […]


No Regrets – Life, Love & The Universe – PART 1

New South Wales

PART 1: WHO YOU ARE - Learn how your 14.5 billion years of evolutionary history affects how you think, how you act and how you live and discover how to override the bits of your evolution that don’t serve you well any more A Three-Part Series of Talks & Meditations Exploring Human Evolution, Wellness and […]