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Come and join us as we celebrate the creation of our Sunflower quilt and send it on its mission to stimulate conversation around mental health issues.

This major textile work is a group initiative and challenge which took over 12 months to complete. Blue Phoenix’s aim is to stimulate the discussion in the general population around thinking differently about mental health issues. Stigma reduction is the overarching principle guiding our group.

Embroiderers from the whole of Southeast Queensland were invited to participate in the creation of this quilt and to contribute to the broader discussion at the grass-roots community level about their conception of these issues. These skilful embroiderers have created the white squares. Friends of our group have assembled these, together with the nine squares. Likewise, the quilt was designed, fabrics purchased and the cutting out process assisted by an anonymous benefactor.

Blue Phoenix arose in 2019 prior to the COVID 19 outbreak. We have survived a flood, a pandemic, and spatial restrictions to further the work we have committed to. The quilt idea was inspired by the sunflower: always turning to the light, but when the sun is not shining turning to each other for support. This is a metaphor for the emerging peer support movement and our supports of one another as a group.

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