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The Neami Community Cup will be a combination of a round-robin soccer competition which will include teams from different organisations combining both support workers, consumers and members of the public, community stalls hosted by various local mental health-based organisations as well as agencies which can provide a positive impact on one’s mental health, a barbeque lunch and children’s activities.

The target group will be a mixture of members of the community: schools/ TAFE/ University, service providers in the mental health and disability sector, consumers, community mental health as well as the indigenous and local community.

We aim to raise awareness around Mental Health, overcome stigma, promote acceptance, educate people, promote the importance of physical health, have fun, share experiences and create community involvement.

The intention has always been  for this event is to become a yearly event, and whilst Covid put a hold on that we believe 2022 will be a great restart of this annual event.

This event is designed to promote integration between several different populations in the community, including people affected by mental health in some way and those that may not have any known experience with mental health.

As this event is broad reaching and open to all members of the community, there will be a mixing of people with different experiences and all people will be given the opportunity to share their experience and learn from others.

Through this sharing of experience we hope the community can come together to recognise the everyday impact of mental health and show the strength of the community. This we believe is a formula for social inclusion, lasting wellbeing and promoting healthy communities.

Attendees can share their journey through participating in the soccer competition, being curious about the different organisations present or sharing a meal.

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