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Join people from all over Australia to Sit for 10-20 mins a day from the 1st to the 28th of October, in preparation for the BIG Sit on Saturday 29th October at 7am.

See what a difference daily meditation can make to your mental fitness.

We are excited to bring you this opportunity to commit to meditating during Mental Health Month to experience how a daily practice like meditation can strengthen your mental fitness.

The event is open to individuals, companies, clubs, schools and all interested teams.
Commit to the practice for just 10-20 minutes a day from the 1st to the 28th of October, and then join us for the BIG Sit on Saturday 29th at 7 am (6.30 am arrival) for a 30-minute guided meditation on Manly Beach, NSW or any of the Sit. community locations plus LIVE streaming on Facebook & Instagram.

Experience the impact meditation can make in your life by making a commitment to meditate daily throughout October for Mental Health Month. Each day we will present you with a new guided meditation. You can join us online, or listen to our pre-recorded meditations anytime, during the day or night. You will also have access to all of these meditations, for continued use after the Big Sit. event.

Mental fitness means keeping your emotional health and brain in good shape. It’s good for us to keep our brains active and exercised, but it is equally important to allow time for rest and relaxation. Most people are likely to be familiar with the positive side effects of meditation: increased awareness, compassion, improved focus and perhaps most valuable, a sense of calm.

Why meditate alone when there is so much good energy shared when meditating together? Invite your family, friends and workmates to join and form a team to meditate together throughout October for Mental Health Month. Meditating together is not only an enjoyable thing to do, but it will also help to support you and them to meditate every day throughout the month. By inviting lots of people to get involved, we can develop mental fitness and raise more funds for the Sit. Community.

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