Mental Health Month
Mental Health Month

Get Involved This Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month is celebrated each year in the month of October in NSW. This month encourages all of us to think about our mental health and wellbeing, regardless of whether we may have a lived experience of mental illness or not. It also gives us the opportunity to understand the importance of good mental health in our everyday lives and encourages help seeking behaviours when needed.

Poster Competition 2023

How to apply

Could you be the artist featured for this year’s mental health month campaign?

The winning artist will receive a $500 cash prize, 2x free tickets to the 2023 Mental Health Matters Awards along with featuring their artwork throughout the entire MHM campaign.

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What does it mean to Tune in

Tune in, was our theme for 2022. It means being aware of what is happening within you, and in the world around you.

Being present by tuning in has been shown to help build self-awareness, help make effective choices, reduce the impact of worry, and build positive connections.

What does Tune In mean?
Tune In

How to become a
Mental Health Ally

As a Mental Health Ally you can shift the world to be safer and more supportive for people experiencing difficulties with their mental health.

Find out how you can be a Mental Health Ally.

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Our Resources

All your digital and printable resources are available here. There is an abundance of resources to support your work, school or community event, calendars to add to your workspace as reminders or email signatures to increase awareness and support.

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Workplace Activation kit

Hosting a morning tea or mental health month trivia is a great way the involve the workplace in mental health month. The workplace starter kit will help you design your event. Be sure to check out the other digital resources like sharable social media tiles and zoom backgrounds.

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Event Starter Kit

Want to organise an event for Mental Health Month? Our starter kit has everything you need! It goes through all the steps for planning an event that can help build awareness for mental health, and includes some useful templates to help your event run smoothly.

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Add your event to our calendar

Hosting an event? Make sure to add it to our mental health month calendar. Your event details will be promoted live on our website to increase community engagement. Don’t forget to tag us on our socials for further event promotion @wayahead.

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School Pack

This year we are proud to announce our partnership with NSW Department of Education for this new program targeting NSW schools. The school pack will be available to over 2,200 schools in NSW. This collaboration brings Mental Health Month into school communities, and encourages, educators and students to Tune In and learn more about mental health and challenge stigma.

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Add some Merch

Cool mental health month branded merch is available for purchase online. Up for grabs are notebooks, keep cups, face masks and more. Funds raised go to helping WayAhead provide free mental health month resources.

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