Apply for a Grant

2024 grant applications are OPEN.

Each year, Wayahead extends over 30 small grants of either $500 or $1000 to community groups and organisations across NSW, facilitating the initiation of Mental Health Month projects or events.

Engaging in a Mental Health Month project or event during October serves as an effective platform for fostering awareness of mental health, alongside social and emotional wellbeing within your community. These initiatives play a pivotal role in reducing stigma while empowering individuals to seek assistance, whether for themselves or others.

Please be advised that grant applications must align their event dates with Mental Health Month, enhancing the significance and impact of the program.

Judging Panel
Our judging panel operates independently, comprising of mental health experts, sector professionals, and individuals with expertise or affiliation with specific demographics such as Youth, LGBTQIA+, CALD, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Notably, Wayahead staff abstain from involvement in the grant application process.

Please select from the categories below, for which you would like to apply for a grant.