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We will be sharing insights and practical tips on maintaining optimal health and well-being as we age. The importance of nutrition in supporting healthy aging, exploring various dietary considerations and lifestyle factors that positively impact long-term health outcomes. Additionally, we will highlight a specific clinical trial investigating the profound effects of nutrition on overall well-being.

Attendees of the presentation will gain knowledge on:

The fundamental principles of healthy aging

The significance of nutrition in supporting optimal health outcomes as we age

Practical tips and dietary considerations for a healthy lifestyle

The effect of nutrition on health based on a ground-breaking clinical trial

Benefits of Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? What role does it play in stressful times? How does it impact our physical and mental health and wellbeing by living in the present moment. Learn new mindfulness everyday practices, that you can share with family and friends in resting our minds and bodies during busy times. And incorporating these techniques in our everyday routines. Find out the role mental health plays on our physical health. There will also be the opportunity to practice mindfulness during the workshop session, where everybody is welcome.

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