Poster Competition Winner 2022

The winner of the 2022 poster competition is Nina Hurr

Nina describes her artwork as ‘It celebrates all the good things in our community that keep us all mentally well. It is a reminder to keep tuning into these coping skills and things that make us happy’. This artwork will be displayed as this year’s mental health month poster!

About the artist

Nina Hurr is an artist based in Byron Bay. Her style is colorful, playful and full of positive messages. Nina lives with schizoaffective disorder and her experiences with this help shape the random and sometimes chaotic ideas in her art. She believes that everyone should have hope for their future and her art aims to convey a message of loving and accepting the life we have. Nina works with a variety of mediums including Texta, paint, recycled surfboard art and has recently started learning to create digital art.

Congratulations Nina!

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All submissions were from artists with lived experience.