Workplace Wonder

Workplace Wonders work together with different groups of people within their organisations to develop an environment where everyone’s wellbeing and job satisfaction is increased. Workplace wellbeing is important not just for the individual but the company, as it may enhance employee reputation aiding in attracting and retaining talent while assisting in fulfilling the legal and ethical considerations for businesses to support a mentally healthy workplace.​

Here are some ways you could be a Mental Health Month Workplace Wonder

Workplaces are staffed with people, in all sorts of positions. There are general employees and peers, front line managers and executive leaders. Each have very different roles within a workplace – and each can play a very different part in supporting the wellbeing of those at work!​
Every week during October, you can tune in as experts dive into some of the most pivotal influences on mental health throughout our working lives, the roles of each group in creating happy and healthy workplaces, and gain confidence in navigating your wellbeing at work. Workplace wellbeing isn’t just a job for individuals to work on in isolation – the whole organisation can help!​
Are you a manager or leader in your workplace? You can sign up your team, or your entire workplace to participate in this initiative. You will be provided further resources to help you communicate and launch this initiative, as well as manage discussions in conjunction to the resources provided. ​
By working through this resource as a group, you can learn how to collaboratively support each other’s wellbeing, working in lock step to develop a resilient and passionate working environment.​